Consulting Services


Gathering accurate data for a more efficient organization

  • Equipment & site audit
  • Inventory audit
  • Liquidation audit
  • Quality & test assessments
  • Deinstallation management & supervision
  • Project Management
  • Logistics

Equipment Valuation

Understanding the dynamics of the value of your medical devices

  • Desktop Valuation
  • On-site Appraisal
  • Portfolio Valuation
  • Market & Investment analysis
  • Residual Value Financial Impairment
  • Residual Value Setting

Portfolio Management

Access to equipment portfolio management effectiveness

  • Organization optimization
  • Change Management
  • Equipment financing & structuring
  • Portfolio Mgmt. Audit & Training
  • Biomedical Consulting

Evaluate, Implement and Optimize to create new opportunities

Processing and optimization solutions for Medical Equipment Management functions, helping them to unlock their growth potential

Streamlining your end of life equipment management processes to identify the most economically and environmentally friendly way to maximize the return on your ongoing medical equipment

Providing key insights in structuring complex medical equipment leasing transactions

Equipment Brokerage

EMOP buys all type of used diagnostic imaging equipment as well as linear accelerator, dental, laboratory and hospital devices. For each project, we seek with our client, the most relevant resale channel in order to offer the best competitive purchase price.

As part of our Purchase Agreement, purchase price includes the overall project management from inspection, dismantling, packing to transportation.

We are considering our equipment exchange services as a true partnership. We partner with best in class European logistics companies and our technical engineers will ensure you a reliable, on-time and safe removal of your equipment complying with current health & safety regulations

EMOP has established worldwide partnerships enabling to provide equipment exchange services in Europe, Asia, USA and South America through a trustful dealer network. We are recognized for delivering quality services and high end used and refurbished medical equipment. EMOP is a certified reseller of used & refurbished GE Healthcare ultrasound since October 2015 and partners with top medical equipment financing leaders over Europe. EMOP is committed to maximizing the value of used medical equipment's through resale, sales consignment, best effort remarketing, charitable donations and recycling.

We offer Best Effort Remarketing & Sales Consignment services when it is the appropriate route to follow. When it is not the right time to sell, we offer you to delay the opportunity, placing your equipment to ensure to reach the expected ROI later on.We take in charge all the aspects regarding advertising, inspection deinstallation, transport and storage to consign your equipment for a better future sale- through private sale or auction.