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Medical Equipment Inspection powered by EMOp

EMOp built an exclusive alliance with BUREAU VERITAS, the worlwide leader in testing, Inspection and Certification to execute independent on-site visual inspection of medical equipment(s).

EMOp & BV has conceived a quick and efficient process dedicated to medical equipment.

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"This is a critical service that gives to potential Buyers, great detailed information about the system, its functionalities and environment which is mandatory prior buying medical equipment"

Healthcare Project Manager

The pre-owned medical equipment market is a very specific market...


Today, on one hand , many buyers are reluctant to buy pre-owned equipment because they can’t inspect by themselves the devices.

On the other hand a lot of devices are not sold because the seller can't provide enough information and/or warranties to reassure potential buyers.


We have created this service to ensure both peace of mind and gain of time for both buyers & sellers..

How much does it cost ?


You found an interesting medical equipment, but you want to ensure a safe buy is guaranteed ?

You own a valuable medical equipment that you wish to replace and you want to maximise your chances to sell it ?


  • On-site physical inspection

Multi-media - High market standard compliant

  • Cost & Time effective

Inspection schedule in less than 72Hours 

  • 100% Reliable information

Independent third party inspection


  • Certified inspection report

Multi-media to attract Buyers

  • Sale Accelerator & Differentiator

80 % of Buyers are not buying without inspection

  • Valuation & Fair Market Price

EMOP provides Valuation Services combined with inspection

All our inspections are carried out
by independent professionals
of our partner Bureau Veritas

Bureau Veritas

How does it work ?

On Line Briefing

Send us via the on line form below all the necessary information. You will receive a quotation by email within 48h.

Approval & Payment

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Physical Inspection

Bureau Veritas & EMOp inspectors will proceed with the Visual Inspection on site.

Sending Report

EMOp will send you by e-mail the inspection report and the device's pictures/videos.

Contact us or send us an email to get access to this sample report


Two available options

Explore : a 1mn screencast video showing the device and highlighting concretley the main findings of the report.


Contact us to get access to a video example 

Valuation : get an updated valuation range of your device by EMOp's experts, based upon its current configuration and the results of the inspection report.

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(Explore option is free till the 30th of June 2016) 



The medical expertise of EMOp
combined with Bureau Veritas' network

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